Month: November 2020

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WATTs Up News Blog

(Nov 30, 2020) Ford Motor Company is betting big on electric fleets and affordable EVs Full story here. Not considering an electric automobile? How about an electric motorcycle! More models coming online in 2021. PluginAmerica story here Pennsylvania lame-duck legislative session sneaks in added EV registration fee CBS Pittsburgh story What’s the difference between EVs…

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DEND provides input for NDDOT report

Following the 2019 North Dakota Legislative Session, the Interim Agriculture & Transportation Committee charged the North Dakota Department of Transportation with studying several issues related to electric vehicle infrastructure: Design jointly owned public and private network Make recommendations regarding EV charging infrastructure Review costs and benefits of various options and future economic impact Read the…

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Minneapolis Road Trip, Take Two

By Jason Bohrer (Oct 30, 2020) Last year I wrote about a road trip my wife and I took to Minneapolis to see Garth Brooks in concert. Because of charging infrastructure, the trip needed to be a two-day affair. Recently, we needed service on the Tesla (upgraded the computer module and replaced the windshield) and…