Why Drive Electric?

Save money and build a better tomorrow
With North Dakota electric rates at 23% below the national average, driving an electric vehicle would cost approximately $405.00 per year to charge, based on average driving habits.
Keeping your car powered
Electricity is generated in North Dakota from a variety of sources including coal, wind, natural gas. Our homegrown reliable energy is stored in your car’s battery, so you can efficiently reach your destination.
Environmental & Economic Benefits
Electric vehicles save owners a substantial amount of money over the course of their lifetime from higher fuel savings, lower maintenance and running costs. While saving money, EV drivers join with the power industry in working toward a sustainable future.

Driving electric in North Dakota has many economic and environmental advantages. Electric vehicles emit zero direct emissions, making them significantly cleaner than traditional combustion engines. Drivers can also save significant amounts of money because of the low-energy costs in the state. Average electric rates in ND are 0.09 per kwh or 23% below the national average. Driving an EV 15,000 miles in one year would cost approximately $405.00 per year to charge, based on average driving habits. EVs can save on maintenance costs too. With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles require less maintenance, improving reliability and saving money over the life of the vehicle.

Driving electric frees the driver from dependence on volatile oil markets. Daily drivers paying for gas are impacted heavily by these price fluctuations. Electric cars are not ruled by out-of-control markets. These advantages can provide substantial savings to drivers in North Dakota. Without this price fluctuating, drivers can have more predictable fuel costs, helping them to better plan financially.

Electric cars are a new and exciting way to drive. EVs offer instantaneous torque and acceleration because there is no engine process, transmission, or gears to run power through before the wheels. The majority of power from the motor can be put to the ground, this makes driving electric cars more responsive, and more fun. EVs also generate very little sound when running and driving. Low noise levels make riding more enjoyable.