A new way to drive

Electric cars powered by coal are energy efficient and offer a viable alternative to traditional travel solutions.

Meet our Tesla, WATTS!

The State of Electric Vehicles in North Dakota

DriveElectricND is proud to release the 2020 State of Electric Vehicles in North Dakota report as DEND turns two years old this month. From a concept...

WATT’s UP News Blog

(Oct 1, 2020) More Level 3 DC Fast Chargers energized in North Dakota. Story from KVRR about Fargo chargers. There are now six Level 3, DCFC, online i...

WATT’s Up – News Blog Sep 2020

(Sep 2020) North Dakota’s first non-Tesla fast charger goes online in Minot. Story from KX Net Electric vehicle sales slowed by coronavirus pandemic...

The Land of Superchargers and Grandpa

Aug 10, 2020 (by Steve Van Dyke) – The first week of August was the first time in about six months that I’ve driven “Watts,” the Tesla Mod...

WATT’s Up – News Blog

(July 2020) North Dakota’s Doosan Bobcat company is teaming up with Green Machine Equipment, Inc. of New York to produce an all-electric compact exc...

Are EVs the future or the present?

July 15, 2020 – (By Scott Meske) – One thing I’ve found is that WATTS, Lignite Energy Council’s Tesla X, draws a crowd everywhere we take ...

Take a ride in Medora with President Teddy Roosevelt!

Electric vehicles are great for families!

How do EVs support local businesses?

How does a mountain biker use an electric vehicle?


Charging Stations in ND


Miles of battery life


Miles before recharging


Electric vehicles produce no direct emissions and can be fueled by North Dakota's own electric power plants.


Electric vehicle owners only pay about $405 a year to charge under normal driving habits!


Electric vehicles are more responsive and accelerate quicker. This makes the drive more fun and exciting.