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Is your Community EV ready?

You can prepare your community to be ready for the growth of electric vehicles! We are on the cusp of a new era in transportation, and DriveElectricND is committed to preparing North Dakota communities with resources and information to make their streets ready for EVs. Contact DriveElectricND at to reach out to us and find how you can prepare your city for electric vehicles.

Local Policy – Support development of charging infrastructure
Programs – Promote programs to help educate on the benefits of electric vehicles
Leadership – Strongly consider electric vehicles as an option in public fleet transportation

Are you EV ready?

Do you want to get started with electric vehicles? Learn how in the frequently asked questions below! We answered some of the most common questions from drivers wanting to get started in electric vehicles. Find information on charging stations, electric vehicles, and more below!


There are a range of charging options for your EV depending on where you live. Charging stations are categorized in levels. The level of charging station tells how much electricity the charging station is rated to, or capable of providing.

Level 1 charging is standard, household charging. This charging level is common among EV owners. Typically, Level 1 charging takes the longest amount of time to charge your electric vehicle. Level 1 is charging is a good choice for home charging, and add about 4 miles of range per hour.

Level 2 chargers are charging stations usually found at destinations or along roadway stops, such as places of work, hotels, shopping center, and some homes. They are faster than charging Level 1 chargers, and can add about 10-20 miles of range per hour.

Direct Current, or DC, Fast Charging stations are one of the fastest charging station options. They provide up to 240 miles of range per hour. These stations are most often found at workplaces, hotels, and roadway stops.

Tesla Fast chargers are exclusive to Tesla automobiles. They are the fastest Tesla specific charging option and will soon be availalbe in Dickinson, Bismarck, and Fargo North Dakota.

Look to DriveElectricND! Go to DriveElectricND/Map-of-Charging-Stations to use the interactive map. You will find charging stations near you, filter out the charging station types, and find useful information to plan your EV road trip through North Dakota!
Charging your electric vehicle at home or business depends upon your electric provider, but it is becoming an increasingly affordable option for electric vehicle owners. EV owners considering installing a charging station at their home or busines should contact their electric provider to learn more.
Anyone can become an advocate for EVs! Follow DriveElectricND on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find updates on this exciting industry and learn how you can get involved in the community.
DriveElectricND works to educate and advocate for drivers of electric vehicles. We want drivers to enjoy significant transportation savings while creating a more sustainable future. North Dakota’s broad variety of energy resources allow drivers stable and reliable power for transportation. We will continue working with drivers and government to communicate the benefits of driving electric.
Developing electric vehicle infrastructure in our communities boost economic activity and tourism using North Dakota sourced energy.

With less maintainence costs, EVs can save a significant amount of money over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime. Electric vehicles don’t have normal maintainence items like oil changes, belts or transmissions, so the cost of maintaining an EV is minimal compared to a conventional vehicle. With today’s EV batteries expected to last 1 million miles, drivers have a long-lasting, affordable transportation option.

Do you want to learn how much you can save with an EV? Go to to learn!

Major auto manufactures like Tesla, Chevy, Nissan, KIA, and Ford all have affordable EV options for drivers. If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle, there are a range of high-quality options! To learn more about EV options, read this story about the best electric vehicles for 2020: Read More