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(Dec 30, 2020)

  • Dickinson and Williston latest North Dakota cities to join the DC Fast Charging game as two more charging hubs come online. Bismarck Tribune story
  • What EVs are really going to be available in 2021? The biggest splash will be from several pick up truck models and the Ford Mach-E. Pick out your EV wish for 2021 here!
  • Did you know you can get a federal tax credit toward your home EV charging station? Check out this info if you installed a charging station in your home for your EV! Chargepoint story here
  • Tesla and Volkswagen set to release sub $30,000 cars with long range batteries. Story from Electrek.com
  • Moonbikes soon to take to the slopes. The all-electric thrill ride quietly gets you to Grandma’s house through the white and drifted snow. New Atlas story here (with video)
  • A group of 29 electric distribution cooperatives have formed a new alliance “Charge EV” to support the growth of EVs in the the Upper Midwest. Check them out here

Go to DriveElectricND.com to follow the growth of electric vehicles in North Dakota.

“A New Way to Drive”

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