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WATT’s UP – EV News April 2021

(April 1, 2021)

  • Quick State Legislative Update: House Bill 1464, which included a 3-cent motor fuel tax increase and significant electric vehicle registration fee increases was defeated on the Senate floor by a vote of 37-10. The other bill, Senate Bill 2091, which excludes charging station owners from definition of “utility” passed both chambers and is currently under consideration by the Governor.
  • Many predict electric vehicles will soon dominate the automobile landscape. Consumer Reports outlines which models and manufacturers are poised to launch headlong into the market. Consumer Reports story here
  • The US House of Representatives approved a $6 billion effort to electrify the Postal Service fleet. If passed, the bill would prohibit the USPS by the year 2040 from purchasing any medium and heavy-duty vehicles that are not electric or zero-emission. Federal News Network story here
  • Could 2021 and 2022 be the year pickup trucks become a true option for EV consumers? Check out the full lineup coming in the next 24 months by manufacturers. InsideEV story here


Go to DriveElectricND.com to follow the growth of electric vehicles in North Dakota.

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