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(Oct 30, 2020)

  • Minnkota Power Cooperative touts their role in five new EV charging stations in their service territory. Full story here.
  • Think the electric thing is only for sedans and in town cars? Think again, here’s the latest list of pick up trucks coming your way, all powered by electricity! CNET.com story here.
  • Is range anxiety getting to you? Which of the 50 production EVs on the market today have the longest range? Find out in this story from PluginAmerica.com
  • General Motors will invest more than $2 billion in US manufacturing to increase electric vehicle production. Story from CNBC.com
  • Here’s a link to a list and gallery of EVERY EV you can buy in 2021! Motortrend.com story

Go to DriveElectricND.com to follow the growth of electric vehicles in North Dakota.

“A New Way to Drive”

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