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(July 2020)


  • While ‘range anxiety’ continues to be a barrier for some people to purchase an electric vehicle, one Israeli startup is working to solve that issue by constructing roads that charge EVs as you drive them. Read about it here from Business Insider  


  • R. 2, Congress’ “Moving Forward Act” is a $1.5 trillion package that contains several EV friendly provisions. Those items include an EV purchase tax credit, funding charging infrastructure, and moving the Postal Service to electric vehicles. Here’s a story from Forbes.com  


  • Federal funding for electric vehicles secured by GM as the US Energy Secretary visits Detroit. Nearly $139 million in federal funds will help push General Motors further into the EV business. Story from the Detroit News


Go to DriveElectricND.com to follow the growth of electric vehicles in North Dakota.

“A New Way to Drive”

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