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WATT’s UP News Blog – March 2021

(March 1, 2021)

  • A bill to raise gas tax in North Dakota also tags electric vehicles with an additional registration fees of $80, bringing the total to $200. House Bill 1464 cleared the House, and now heads to the Senate for consideration. Bismarck Tribune story.
  • Meanwhile in South Dakota, a new EV fee is almost law. This measure is asking for a $50 registration fee from the state’s 160 EV owners. Story from KELOLand Media Group
  • In our neighboring state to the east (Minnesota), not everyone is on board with Governor Walz’s plan to significantly ramp up electric vehicle policies. Opinion piece in the Duluth News Tribune.
  • Honda patents electric motorcycle with a built-in drone in its tail. Story from electrek.co


Go to DriveElectricND.com to follow the growth of electric vehicles in North Dakota.

“A New Way to Drive”

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