Tesla Service Experience – LEC Tesla Model X – Powered by ND Coal

MAY 30, 2019 – We had been experiencing a problem with the falcon doors not fully opening and sensing objects near the door, this made it difficult for a rear seat passenger to enter or exit the Tesla.

This issue went on for about a month with Tesla support directing over several days and several chat sessions to try different options to correct the problem (see below).

After the many troubleshooting methods proved unsuccessful, Tesla informed that their technicians would schedule a remote diagnostic and implement corrective measures to correct the issue.

After not hearing back from Tesla for a couple of weeks and the issue continuing, another support chat session determined that Tesla would be scheduling a remote technician to come to our Tesla Model X in Bismarck ND. The nearest Tesla service center is located in Minneapolis.

I received a call from Tesla that the technician would be arriving in Bismarck in a couple of days to diagnose and fix the issue and confirmed the location of the vehicle.

It was raining on the day the technician arrived and to our surprise he asked if there was a place indoors where he could work on the Tesla (our office does not have a garage).

Dave drove the Tesla to his home, relocated his ICE vehicles outside on the street so the Tesla technician could diagnose and fix the falcon door issue.

Finally Some Good News: The technician diagnosed and fixed the falcon door issue. Turns out that an internal sensor in the door came loose, therefore causing the falcon door sensor to think there was an object next to the door.

Email to the LEC Staff: “After 4 months, we finally have license plates. In addition, the rear passenger, falcon door issue identified and repaired. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend”

Methods for resetting various features in the Model X:

Center Display
Press and hold both scroll buttons for a few seconds. Center console display will turn black and reboot.

Instrument Cluster
Press and hold both of the steering wheel buttons above the scroll wheels. IC display will turn black and reboot.

Reset of ‘most’ systems (4 fingers) ~~
Put/keep foot on brake. Press and hold both scroll buttons *and* steering wheel buttons above the scroll wheels. Keep foot on brake until CD and IC display are non-blank.

Reset of ‘all’ systems
Under Settings, E-Brake and Power Off. Power vehicle off, and then use the brake to restart.

Falcon Wing Door Calibration
Take the vehicle outdoors where there is nothing in range of the FWD (and probably no overhead cache – that is, the display allows you to fully open the doors on one touch.) Hold the physical door switch inside the vehicle until door is all the way open. Next, hold the physical door switch down until the door is all the way closed. At this point, the door should be recalibrated.

Falcon Wing Door Complete Reset:
– Remove access panel in funk area (no tool required)
– Disconnect emergency services power loop located under the orange sticker that should be above your funk space.
– Get a stubby 13mm socket and disconnect ground strap (black wire bolted to chassis under the area of the Emergency Services loop.) Wait 20 Seconds. Reconnect it.
– Plug the loop back in.
– Center screen will suggest you need to recalibrate the doors.
This reset is needed when no button pushes or holds work and the door is completely non-responsive.

Dave Allard



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